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Why I got married (as if it’s any of your beeswax)

This is a great article about social activism, political correctness, straight privilege, the decision to get married anyway. It was written by Alicia Walters for a blogging competition through You can read my response to their play on So you Think you Can Dance here.

“I do not expect everyone to jump for joy at this milestone in my life (but if you know me, it’d be nice). There are millions of others whose relationships are not adequately recognized, protected, or  celebrated. I am aware of the privilege that comes with my straight marriedness.

And ultimately I’m happy with my decision. I’m in a healthy relationship built on trust. We’re in it for the long haul and plan to raise confident, conscious, self-and-community-loving Black children. We made a radical decision to love ourselves enough to do what made us happy…politically correct or not.”

via Why I got married (as if it’s any of your beeswax).


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