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‘Why I’m A Republican’ : NPR

I believe in the power of an individual’s story to create dialogue and broader understanding. My reaction to these statements are mixed, however. On the the one hand, I appreciate that there are some similarities I see between myself and these Republicans (opportunity for everyone & individual responsibility). But I’m also confused – opportunity for all, but not illegal immigrants; transportation and higher ed as representative of the Republican party?; etc. Also, I find many of them shallow. It leaves me interested in reading the answers from the Democratic convention. I imagine I’ll feel largely similar.

‘Why I’m A Republican’ : NPR.

Ryan’s Speech Contained a Litany of Falsehoods –


This reminds me of what a teenager would say after knowingly bending or omitting the truth:  I wasn’t lying, I just didn’t tell you the whole truth.

I might also add, that this article is itself falling into the same trap. If the author (or editor) truly believed the punchline of this story (that the whole truth needs to be presented rather than lies by omission), they would be better served to say “Republican & Democratic election campaigns both twist the truth.” After all, this article references both campaigns. And I’m not sure falsehood is the right word either.

“The growing number of misrepresentations appear to reflect a calculation in both parties that shame is overrated, and that no independent arbiters command the stature or the platform to hold the campaigns to account in the increasingly polarized and balkanized media firmament. Any unmasking of the lies or distortions, the thinking goes, rarely seeps into the public consciousness.: via Ryan’s Speech Contained a Litany of Falsehoods –

As Republican convention emphasizes diversity, racial incidents intrude – The Washington Post

While Harper Magazine calls the Republican outbursts “nativism,” I am far more inclined to agree with The Washington Post’s accurate assessment that recent outbursts at the Republican convention constitute pure vitriolic racism:

“On Tuesday, convention organizers ejected two attendees after they reportedly threw peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman and told her, “This is how we feed animals.” Organizers called the conduct “inexcusable and unacceptable.”

via As Republican convention emphasizes diversity, racial incidents intrude – The Washington Post.

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