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Defriended Over a Wedding, a Straight Man Gains Perspective | evoL =

You’ll hear me say over and over that I believe in the power of an individual’s story. This is a particularly moving one:

The situation got me thinking: What if this hadn’t been about my brother’s wedding, but about MY wedding? What if it hadn’t been from a distant friend, but from a beloved family member?

via Defriended Over a Wedding, a Straight Man Gains Perspective | evoL =.

Fears About Shariah Law Take Hold In Tennessee : NPR

I’m going to preface this by saying I am neither Christian nor Muslim. While I was raised within a Christian nation, having no belief in either religion or no formal education in either, I would consider myself more of an outsider than insider on the emic/etic scale.  Perhaps that is why I am baffled by this article, “Fears about Shariah Law Take Hold in Tennessee” and it’s seemingly obvious relation to the Biblical Literalism that is a mainstay of Evangelical Christianity.

Read Excerpt 1 from the previously mentioned article: 

“I don’t want anybody to persecute any religion including Islam, but we have a duty as Americans to understand that they intend to take us over and compel us to become Islamic,” Douglas says. […] The First Amendment may  Read more…

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