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When You Learn They’re Not Ready | TPM Editors Blog

“Politics is hardball. Everything is, in some sense, fair. But campaigns are also a prism into the judgment and steadiness under pressure of a person who would be president. This was amateur hour for the opposition campaign last night, reminiscent of John McCain’s rash call four years ago to cancel the presidential debates and the campaign itself to deal with the unfolding economic crisis. There was nothing ignoble or dishonorable about McCain’s suggestion. It just showed a certain rashness that was widely viewed as unpresidential.

Romney’s moment was quite different — rash and shameful. Not worthy of a president. Crass, undignified and troubling on many levels.” via When You Learn They’re Not Ready | TPM Editors Blog.


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2 thoughts on “When You Learn They’re Not Ready | TPM Editors Blog

  1. Last night was Mitt Romney’s 3AM moment. Unfortunately for him he had already made his decision and issues a statement by midnight! He proved that he is not ready for prime time. Insulting the Brits over the Olympics could be brushed off as a minor misstep and made for good jokes. This failure of diplomacy cannot.

  2. Romney realizes he’s down in the polls and needs to shake things up a bit. A sound strategy, but he couldn’t have picked a worse way to do it (well, he could have, but this was pretty bad).

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