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Food Waste Is Overwhelming. Here Are Five Things People Are Doing About It : The Salt : NPR

It’s amazing what people will throw away! We buy our produce at a local outdoor fruit & vegetable store. It’s essentially halfway between a street stand and an outdoor market. Because it’s outdoor, fans substitute for refrigeration,  and temps here can be high in the summer, the market knows they have to turn food over really quickly.

In order to do so they rotate all of the fruit and veggies through 3 or 4 stations. Front of the store has almost ripe fruit, say an unripe pineapple for $4. It then moves to mid-store and is discounted to $3, then to the back of the store for $2, and then to the less than perfect room in the back that is swarming with fruit flies and is sold for $1.  The $1 pineapples are the best! Sweetest, juiciest, most heavenly pineapples. The fruit I eat from this section reminds me of the fruit I ate in Italy – fresh local fruit sun ripened. Yum, yum!!

But very few people buy them because they have slight imperfections. Interestingly, I mostly see foreign exchange students or first generation immigrants shopping back there with me. Those of us who buy the fruit get a great deal (say 6 peaches for $1), and if they fail to sell it all they dehydrate it or make jams, etc. It’s such a rational and time tested method, yet most people in town still prefer shopping at the grocery store.

How sad that our over air conditioned grocery stores have trained us to not think perfectly ripe fruit is the best! Bruises can be cut off, jams can be made, tomato sauce, fruit leather, or just eat it right away!  Read more trends to cut down on food waste here: Food Waste Is Overwhelming. Here Are Five Things People Are Doing About It : The Salt : NPR.


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