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The Chick Fellatio: stuck in the craw | Owldolatrous

Before commenting, this article needs to be read in its entirety to be fully understood. Here is the link: The Chick Fellatio: stuck in the craw | Owldolatrous.Just one part I’d like to emphasize: “This isn’t about mutual tolerance because there’s nothing mutual about it. If we agree to disagree on this issue, you walk away a full member of this society and I don’t” For those of you who feel you are being unfairly attacked for supporting Chick-fil-A and feel as though you should be able to believe whatever you want free of criticism, I remind you that Chick-fil-A is an organization that funds action fueled by hate. You can believe whatever you want, but when your beliefs lead to action (in this case the legal and cultural marginalization of other people) your beliefs have crossed a line into hate.  

For example, the Taliban and Al Queda believe deeply and to the core of their being that women are second class citizens that should be stoned to death for adultery. Do I respect the right of fundamentalists Muslims to believe what they want according to their cultural and religious values? Absolutely 100%. Do I agree with their beliefs? No. Do I fundamentally disagree with their actions? Yes. The difference is between belief and action. The line is crossed when your beliefs lead to actions that deprive other people of their beliefs, freedoms, equality, and ability to live free of fear.

Stoning women to death is a breach of human rights, as is sentencing homosexuals to death in other parts of the world. If money is given to an organization that does “missionary” work to strengthen the criminalization of homosexuality internationally, they have moved beyond “belief” and to “action.” When action is taken to legally or physically marginalize a group of people, because of who they are, that becomes hate. Historically, this has been the basis of slavery, colonization, apartheid, the Holocaust, and countless wars and genocides. 


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